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Hannah's House


P.O. Box 8044 Turnersville, NJ 08012

Counseling, Domestic Violence, Housing, Human Trafficking, Sexual Violence | Gloucester County

Ocean's Harbor House


2445 Windsor Avenue Toms River, NJ 08754

Child Services, Emergency Shelter, Teen, Young Adult, Case management | Ocean County

Survivor's Ink


Survivor's Ink PO Box 905 Jackson, Ohio 45640-0905

Human Trafficking, Tattoo removal/cover scholarship | National Resource County

Kids In Need Of Defense (KIND)


1201 L Street ,NW,Floor2, Washington, DC 20005

Child Services, Legal, Social Services, Immigration, Unaccompanied Migrant Child | National Resource County

HR Recovery Initiative


PO Box 2337, Ventnor NJ 08406

Contact Cristine Knight

Counseling, Emergency Shelter, Food, Housing, Human Trafficking, Legal, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Transportation, Job/skills training, Basic Needs, Case management | Atlantic County

Action 2x

If you see something that you think might mean someone is being trafficked, do not intervene. Keep yourself and the victim safe by calling one of the human trafficking hotlines for help.