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The New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking (NJCAHT), a 501c3 nonprofit representing over 180 organizations in the state announced that it has been awarded a 2021 grant from Focus for Health - a New Jersey based foundation that addresses the structures within our society that create and perpetuate health inequality.

Focus for Health Founder, Barry Segal said: "I started to focus on helping organizations fighting child sex abuse, but as we got more involved, we learned that children who are sexually abused become more likely to be trafficked. I want to do something about it, so I’m proud to support the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking."

NJCAHT Executive Director, Kate Lee said: "This generous grant from Focus for Health will boost our efforts to increase public awareness of the coercion, abuse and exploitation involved in human trafficking." Danny Papa, NJCAHT President added: "We sincerely appreciate the generosity of Focus for Health and their passion to make a difference here in New Jersey. With their help and support we will truly create a safer state."

Jennifer Shore, Focus for Health's Executive Director said: "We’re looking for organizations that are moving the needle towards systemic change. NJCAHT is addressing the issue of human trafficking from a variety of angles. We look forward to partnering with them to raise awareness about what human trafficking looks like, help victims escape exploitation, and promote legislative policies that disincentives participating in the practice."

The NJCAHT takes a multi-disciplinary approach human trafficking, which is a public health issue. Board member and Co-Chair of the Healthcare Committee, Aldina Hovde said: "I'm so thankful to Focus for Health for providing funding for the NJCAHT. Even thought we're a small non-profit we have over a dozen committees made up of volunteers dedicated to raising awareness and ultimately preventing human trafficking. Studies have shown that up to 88% of healthcare professionals come into contact with people being trafficked, but only a fraction are trained to identify what they're seeing. We have provided critical education to healthcare professionals to ensure they are equipped to recognize and respond to suspected human trafficking in the healthcare setting."

About the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking

The New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking (NJCAHT) is a fully volunteer-run 501c3 nonprofit founded in 2011 that coordinates statewide community efforts to end sex and labor trafficking in New Jersey. Comprising 200 volunteers and more than 180 affiliates—including nonprofits, faith-based organizations, academics, law enforcement, and direct service providers it works to empower communities with the knowledge of what human trafficking is, how to prevent it, and how to support those affected by it. Its mission is to unite NJ communities to end human trafficking with a tagline: Let's create a safer state. Find out more at

About Focus for Health

Focus for Health addresses the structures within our society that create and perpetuate health inequality. It is focused on correcting the systemic injustices that prevent people from remaining healthy and happy. Its expansive approach to health addresses wealth distribution, racial exclusion, gender inequality, political and tax reform, and sex abuse. Find out more at

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