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On June 6, 2024, the Bank Awareness Committee (BAC) of the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking held its third Roundtable with members of the NJ Bankers Association at Manasquan Bank in Wall, NJ. Thirty people participated in the event.

The Roundtable served as a platform to discuss how NJ banks can assist law enforcement in developing financial crime cases against traffickers and support survivors. The goal was to educate participants on human trafficking financial transaction red by working through a case study that helped them better understand human trafficking and the impact to banks.

In addition to the banking community, the BAC was honored to have Gina Cavello, who is a leader, speaker and consultant in the anti-trafficking movement and a passionate advocate for victims and survivors of human trafficking, Joseph Remy, Assistant Prosecutor with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office and Kim McColligan, Detective with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, participate in the Roundtable.