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This is a recording of a webinar that was part of the NGO/CSW Forum 67. In this webinar a panel of experts, including those with lived experience of human trafficking, discussed using technology to educate & communicate on the increased risk of human trafficking in destabilized areas.


  • Suleman Masood - Human Trafficking Subject Matter Expert
  • Radu Cucos - Technology and Trafficking in Human Beings Program Lead, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
  • Mitzi Perdue - Businesswoman, Author and Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate who recently returned from Ukraine
  • Professor Penny Venetis - Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law at Rutgers Law School
  • Gina Cavallo - NJCAHT Survivor Consultant


  • Michelle Stegmann - NJCAHT Administrator

Traffickers capitalize on situations in which people are under significant stress, such as in areas where there is conflict or destabilization. Previously, there would be a pattern of delay between turmoil in a region and the growth of Human Trafficking. However, this is changing. In Ukraine, Human Trafficking seemed to commence immediately upon the initiation of hostilities. Accelerated action on the part of traffickers requires communication with those who might be targets, to educate and assist them in identifying and avoiding this danger. This session will discuss methods of communicating with local community services remotely to hopefully avert the situation.